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Special Exhibition


Fumio Nambata, Trombone March, 1967, watercolor and ink on paper, 27.0×38.0cm,
Collection of Setagaya Art Museum

The Imaginary World of Fumio Nambata

Adventures in Line and Color: 1960-1974

December 6, 2014 – February 8, 2015

The 1960s, now already a half-century in the past, was a unique period of free expression in which young people all over the world, working in every genre, followed their own creative paths to unveil the thoughts and feelings of a new age. Fumio Nambata(1941-1974) passed his youth in those years, a painter with a finely honed sensitivity to the visual and to language, roaming a world of his own. He lost his life prematurely in an accident at the age of 32, but left behind more than 2,000 pieces that he had created in an extremely active period of under 15 years.
Most of these are watercolor-and-ink depictions of an imaginary world. Nambata conjured a profusion of images that he painted in his own free style, unimpeded by the considerations of realism and composition that are ordinarily fundamental to painting. Rather than going to college, he decided at 18 to follow his own path in art, and fortified and inspired by his own voracious appetite for reading and music, he had ”adventures in images”, one after another, that were intensely original.
The Setagaya Art Museum collection has more than 800 Fumio Nambata works. About 300 of these are being showcased in the current exhibition under the title, “The Imaginary World of Fumio Nambata.”

Photo by Norihiro Ueno

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Dates:December 6, 2014(Saturday) - February 8, 2015(Sunday), Museum closed on Mondays(except January 12) , from December 29 to 3 January , 13 January. 6:00P.M.(it is necessary to enter the building at least 30 minutes before closing time.)
Place:Setagaya Art Museum, 1st floor exhibition rooms
Admission:Adults 1,000yen, Seniors(over 65) 800yen, University and high school students 800yen, Junior high and elementary school students 500yen
Organized by:Setagaya Art Museum
Patronized by:Setagaya City, Setagaya City Board of Education


PartⅠ Towards a Future World in Another Dimension

Untitled, 1963

Untitled, 1963

Untitled, 1966

Ivan the Fool(12 works in a series), 1964

PartⅡ Wandering into Various Tales of the Inner World

Underwater Garden, 1967

Flower Nymphs, 1969

Untitled, 1971

Song of Starry Sky, 1973

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