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Special Exhibition


Gustav Klutsis, The First of May Is the Day of the International Proletarian Solidarity, 1930, Ruki Matsumoto Collection Board

Ruki Matsumoto Collection - Seeking for Utopia:

Russian Avant-garde and Soviet Modernism Seen in Posters

September 30 – November 24, 2014

The collection of Ruki Matsumoto (1946-2012), the designer who created the fashion brand BA-TSU, includes many posters from the Russian Revolution. The exhibition showcases approximately 180 posters created by renowned artists like Vassily Kandinsky and Kasimir Malevich as well as Russian avant-garde designers such as the Sternberg brothers and Alexander Rodchenko. It gives a broad view of the diversity of poster art that flowered during a period of dramatic change in Russian society.

Dates:September 30, 2014(Tuesday) - November 24, 2014(Monday), Museum closed on Mondays(except October 13 ,November 3 and November 24) ,October 14 and November 4. 6:00P.M.(it is necessary to enter the building at least 30 minutes before closing time.)
Place:Setagaya Art Museum, 1st floor exhibition rooms
Admission:Adults 1,000yen, Seniors(over 65) 800yen, University and high school students 800yen, Junior high and elementary school students 500yen
Organized by:Setagaya Art Museum, The Tokyo Shimbun
Patronized by:Setagaya City, Setagaya City Board of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation Agency for Cooperation, Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan, Organizing Committee of Russian Culture Festival
Specially cooporated by:Ruki Matsumoto Collection Board
Supported by:studio


Ⅰ.From the Twilight Years of Imperial Russia to October Revolution

Vasily Kandinsky, Phalanx: The 1st Exhibition, 1901,
Ruki Matsumoto Collection Board

Vladimir Mayakovsky, GPP(The Central Directrate of Political Education)No.17 "The Trade Union Activity Week Strengthen the Trade Unions!" 1921,
Ruki Matsumoto Collection Board

Ⅱ.NEP(New Economic Policy)and Film Posters of the Russian Avant-garde

Aleksandr Rodchenko, Kino-Glaz(Film Eye), 1924,
Ruki Matsumoto Collection Board

Aleksandr Rodchenko, Battleship Potemkin, 1925/1926,
Ruki Matsumoto Collection Board

Grigory Borisov and Nikolai Prusakov, Law and Duty / Amok, 1928,
Ruki Matsumoto Collection

Ⅲ.The First Five-Year Plan and Political Posters

El Lissitzky, USSR Russian Exhibition, 1929,
Ruki Matsumoto Collection Board

Gustav Klutsis, Workers, Everyone to the Election of the Soviets, 1930,
Ruki Matsumoto Collection Board

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