Setagaya art museum

400 Years of Architectural Challenges
―TAKENAKA:Master Builder in Japan
2016.04.23 - 06.19
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Hayashi Tadahiko, Tokyo Tower – Construction, 1958

The Setagaya Art Museum opened on March 30, 1986. Since opening, it has vigorously presented exhibitions of art ranging from the prehistoric to the most contemporary, conducted extensive research on the art of the past and present, and carried out an active acquisitions program.
In its exhibiting and collecting, the Setagaya Art Museum has given special emphasis to art, from both within the country and overseas, which exhibits the quality of naivety.
Also, because of the unusually large number of artists living in the Setagaya area, the museum has made an effort to bring the work of these artists to the attention of the public. Museum programs are designed to provide the broadest possible range of opportunities for encountering art in its various forms, including musical concerts and films as well as exhibitions, and workshops for people who want to become more actively involved with the arts. An index to these activities is provided below.

The Good and Simple Life: Artist Colonies in Setagaya

Museum Collection I

April 9 – July 10, 2016

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