About the Setagaya Art Museum

Art and nature collude toward the health of human beings. ARS CUM NATURA AD SALUTEM CONSPIRAT

The Setagaya Art Museum is located in Kinuta Park, a lush green space whose beautiful scenery changes with the seasons. The building design by architect Shozo Uchii (1933-2002) makes the most of this rich natural environment, and also provides a range of facilities, including a restaurant and a café, making this the ideal place for enjoyable encounters with art. The museum organizes a variety of exhibitions, programs, and events from broad perspectives, all centered on the fundamental question of “What is art?” Come explore all that the museum has to offer.

The Setagaya Art Museum’s Activities

The Setagaya Art Museum opened on March 30, 1986.
The museum sees art as a source of nourishment for the mind and spirit. Hosting a variety of activities, including exhibitions, programs, and events, it is a place linking art with daily life.

After the Great Kanto Earthquake on September 1, 1923, Setagaya rapidly developed from a farming village into a residential district, making it a base for many artists who drew both domestic and international acclaim. The Setagaya Art Museum takes full advantage of this, shining a spotlight on local artists at exhibitions and other events by investigating and collecting their creations.
Meanwhile, the museum has continued to actively showcase art in a wide range of fields, from prehistory to the contemporary era, through exchanges with other museums in Japan and overseas.
Additionally, the Setagaya Art Museum organizes a variety of programs that give people of all ages an opportunity to approach art in many different ways. These include seminars and workshops for creative practice, as well as introductions to creative activities in the fields of music, film, and more.
The museum also carries out various activities in partnership with local schools, the Friends of the Setagaya Art Museum, and numerous volunteers.