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Night Tour 2021: Ivates the Phantom Thief and the Kids Detectives (archived version)

Since 2003, the Setagaya Art Museum has held the "Night Tour" every summer for 4th grade elementary to junior high school students.
"Night Tour 2021" was held as an event combining YouTube video viewing, individual visits to the museum, and zoom participation.

One day in July, the Setagaya Art Museum received a warning letter from Ivates, the Phantom Thief, asking for detective assistants to help with the investigation on the web!
Prevent the crime before it happens and uncover the identity of the phantom thief!

Act 1: "A Letter of Warning from the Phantom Thief"
→Watch Act 1: "A Warning Letter from the Phantom Thief" on Youtube. 

Act II: "Find the Targeted Works!"
→Act 2: "Find the Targeted Works!" on Youtube. 
Act III: "Who is the Real Criminal?"
→Act 3: "Who is the Real Criminal?" on Youtube.  

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Author: C.A

2021.09.17 - 12:00 AM