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2021.12.01 - 03.31

Anatomy of the Dream: Shojo-Midare—A Film

2021.12.01 - 03.31

Anatomy of the Dream: Shojo-Midare—A Film

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Trailer] Video work "Anatomy of a Dream -- Shojo Ran" (1min 33sec)
Anatomy of the Dream: Shojo-Midare-A Film|Teaser (1:33)
Watch the video work "Anatomy of a Dream -- Shoal Ran" on Youtube.

Anatomy of the Dream: Shojo-Midare—A Film
The gaze of an Italian director met the space-time of Noh

The scene of this encounter was the Setagaya Art Museum in Tokyo. In October 2021, in the entrance hall of the museum, a space that has hosted over the years a series of performative events searching for new paths in expressive languages, a rare international collaboration took place. Luca Veggetti, an Italian choreographer and director with a deep knowledge of Japanese culture, staged one of the most important works from the repertoire of Noh: Shojo- Midare, with Nagayama Keizo, Kanze Tetsunojo and Okura Genjiro who, while standing at the very top of this theatrical tradition, supported the director’s vision with great understanding for his endeavors.
Veggetti’s essential staging, based on a precise use of light and shadow, reshaped the performance of the orginal Noh while keeping intact the splendid beauty of its form. By amplifying a creative potential built upon many centuries of tradition, the staging aimed at opening the door to another dimension.
Here is the film of this rare event. In no way it is the simple documentation of it, rather, its filmic expression and as such an artwork in its own right. Together with Sugita Kyoshi and Iioka Yukiko, the director and the cinematographer who have attracted national and international attention with their clear and poetic style, Veggetti, an artist with a profound interest in the art of film, leads us inside an intense dream.

Anatomy of the Dream: Shojo-Midare
Concept and direction: Luca Veggetti

Shite: Nagayama Keizo
Waki: Mori Tsuneyoshi
Fue: Fujita Takahiro
Kotsuzumi: Okura Genjiro
Otsuzumi: Okura Keinosuke
Taiko: Hayashi Yuichiro
Jiutai: Kanze Tetsunojo
Koken: Uzawa Hikaru

Lighting object design: Yoshida Moe
Lighting: Tomiyama Takayuki
Stagehand/Performer: Sato Miyuki
Stagehand: Kawachi Takashi
Photography: Imai Tomoki
Special thanks to: Oda Seiji

Curated and produced by: Tsukada Miki (Setagaya Art Museum)
Production assistants: Yoshida Emi Suzuki, Teriha (Setagaya Art Museum)
Production cooperation: NPO Arts Network Japan
In collaboration with: Tessenkai
Under the patronage of: Italian Cultural Institute
Organized by: Setagaya Art Museum (Setagaya Arts Foundation)

Anatomy of the Dream: Shojo-Midare-A Film
General Supervision: Luca Veggetti
Producer: Sugita Kyoshi
Director: Okawa Keiko
Cinematographers: Iioka Yukiko, Tsuboi Taku, Matsushita Hitomi
Recording: Kawakami Takuya
Editing: Okawa Keiko
Grading: Tamaki Genta
Flyer design: Takeda Atsushi (Souvenir Design Inc.)
Produced by: Setagaya Art Museum ©2021