Free Parking Access

The Museum’s free parking lot can be accessed from either Kanpachi-dori Avenue or Setagaya-dori Avenue.

(A) From Kanpachi-dori Avenue

Turn toward the entrance to the Tomei Expressway Yoga IC (sign at traffic light: “Kanpachitomei Ent.”; corner with a McDonald’s). Take the side road instead of getting onto the expressway. The parking lot is located on the right just before the first traffic light, under the overpass.

  • Entrance to Tomei Expressway Yoga IC

  • Take the side road instead of getting onto the expressway

(B) From Setagaya-dori Avenue

1: Turn south at the T-shaped intersection in front of the NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories. Continue straight.
2: Pass the east side of Okura Sports Center No. 2 (Okura-dori Ave.).
3: After you cross over the Tomei Expressway, turn left at the first corner (sign at traffic light: “Koenbashi”).
4: Continue straight with the Tomei Expressway to your left. Climb the hill and proceed diagonally to the left at the first traffic light (no sign).
5: The entrance to the parking lot is located immediately after the traffic light to the left, under the Tomei Expressway.

*From 3 onward, the route consists entirely of one-way streets. If you miss the parking lot, continue onto Kanpachi-dori Avenue and start again from the beginning.

  • East side of Okura Sports Center No. 2 (Okura-dori Ave.)

  • Cross the Tomei Expressway and turn left at the light (“Koenbashi”).

  • Proceed diagonally to the left.

  • Entrance to free parking lot