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100-yen workshop at home! No.4: "Living with Aalto Design" print edition

This 100-yen Workshop at Home! is a printable version of "Living with Aalto Design" where you can choose your favorite piece of furniture and place it in your room.
The impression of a room can be greatly changed by the combination of furniture and the way it is placed. Compare the shapes and colors carefully and create your own comfortable room!

Kit (furniture sheet/room sheet)
 Please download the kit below.
 -Furniture Sheet (PDF). 
 -Room Sheet (PDF).
Two A4-size sheets of paper for printing

How to make
1. Print the sheet!

Furniture can be printed on transparent label stickers (uncut ones are recommended! They can be found at 100-yen stores) for a more complete look.

2. Cut out the furniture items and decide where you want to place it in the room, then use glue or something to stick it to the room sheet!

Do not put the items up right away, but first think carefully about where you would like to place them in your room. It is recommended to start with the items to be placed at the back of the room.

3. Finished!

Use colored pencils or markers to add patterns to the furniture and further decorate the room in your own way.

What is the Setagaya Art Museum's 100-yen workshop?
The Setagaya Art Museum has been offering a "100-yen workshop" every Saturday, where anyone from small children to adults can experience creative work for 100 yen. For more information about the 100-yen workshop, please visit here.

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Author: T.S

2021.05.13 - 12:00 AM