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2022.12.22 - 03.21

Nakamura Megumi’s Canary Project: Silent Eyes
Silent Eyes

2022.12.22 - 03.21

Nakamura Megumi’s Canary Project: Silent Eyes
Silent Eyes

This work-in-progress was conceived by the dancer and choreographer Nakamura Megumi.

Nakamura Megumi seeks to deepen her thinking by engaging in discussions with the painter Izumi Ine and the unique photographer Toyoda Hitoshi on the subject of “The Struggle of Artists in Contemporary Society” amid the quiet sawtooth oaks that watch over the Setagaya Art Museum. This seeking process will be documented by the photographer Imai Tomoki. Then, in March 2023, viewers will be invited here to meet the giant oak, and Nakamura will present a video installation in the corridor of the museum. The project will take place between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox as the trees silently prepare to sprout.

Photo caption: The corridor on the first floor of the Setagaya Art Museum. At the end of the corridor, you can see the giant sawtooth oak through the window.

What is the Canary Project?
In recent years, Nakamura has become increasingly aware of a growing threat for artistic expressions to be unknowingly stifled in contemporary society. This inspired her to launch a project in the spring of 2022 called the Canary Project in order to reconsider the roots of expression. The name of the project was derived from the idea that artists function as canaries in our society – i.e., in the face of a crisis, we no longer hear their voices.

As the project progresses, updates are scheduled to be posted constantly on the museum’s official performance Instagram account.

「中村恩恵カナリアプロジェクト 沈黙のまなざし Silent Eyes」活動報告その1
「中村恩恵カナリアプロジェクト 沈黙のまなざし Silent Eyes」活動報告その2
「中村恩恵カナリアプロジェクト 沈黙のまなざし Silent Eyes」活動報告その3
  • Date and Time Project date: Thu., Dec. 22, 2022 (winter equinox) to Tue., March 21, 2023 (nat. hol., spring solstice)
    Video installation: Tue., March 14 to March 21, 2023 (nat. hol.)
    Free admission
    Participating artists: Nakamura Megumi, Izumi Ine, and Toyoda Hitoshi
    Photographic documentation: Imai Tomoki
    Organized by the Setagaya Art Museum (Setagaya Arts Foundation)
  • Other ●Profile: Nakamura Megumi


    After winning the Prix de Lausanne ballet competition, Nakamura moved to Europe. Following a stint with Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, she joined the Netherlands Dans Theater (overseen by the artistic director Jiří Kylián) and participated in works that were created by some of the world’s leading choreographers. After leaving the Theater, she served as a coach on some of Kylián’s works and taught at various ballet companies and schools throughout the world including the Paris Opera. Nakamura has also choreographed works for the Noism and the K-Ballet Company, and at the New National Theatre, Tokyo. Among the numerous awards she has received are the Minister of Culture Award for Fine Arts and the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon (presented by the Japanese government).