Past Special Exhibition


2015.02.21 - 04.19

Innovative Filmmakers in Setagaya


February 21, 2015(Saturday) - April 19, 2015(Sunday), Museum closed on Mondays.
Hours: 6:00P.M.(it is necessary to enter the building at least 30 minutes before closing time.)
Setagaya Art Museum, 1st floor exhibition rooms
Organized by:
Setagaya Art Museum
Patronized by:
Setagaya City, Setagaya City Board of Education
Subsidized by:
The Asahi Shimbun Foundation


Adults 1,000yen, Seniors(over 65) 800yen, University and high school students 800yen, Junior high and elementary school students 500yen


Toho Studios, located in Kinuta, currently called Seijo, Setagaya City, started out as the Photo Chemical Laboratory (known as P.C.L.) in 1932 on the eve of talkie film production. Later the laboratory started making films in earnest as P.C.L. filmmaking studio.
In 1937, four companies―Photo Chemical Laboratory, P.C.L. filmmaking studio, Toho Eiga distribution, J・O studio merged into the stock company Toho Eiga. The company was changed to Toho in 1943. The actual film studio was commonly referred to as “Toho-kinuta film studio”.
In 1971 the Toho studio facilities was renamed into the current name Toho Studios. The buildings of Toho Studios were gradually reconstructed and their current facilities are the most advanced in the Japanese film industry.
This exhibition focuses on two renowned Toho films, Godzilla (Ishirō Honda, 1954) and Seven Samurai (Akira Kurosawa, 1954), exploring them as examples of innovative special effects in the case of the former and the shooting of a historical drama in Tokyo in the case of the latter.
The exhibition also introduces the many different film artists, such as painters, costume designers, and musicians, who were involved in making films at the studio.

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