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Setabi Podcasting Vol.66: Music & Talk--From the 267th Promenade Concert "Hirotaka Kino Tenor Recital"

Recital: Hirotaka Kino (Tennor), Kozo Kobayashi (Pianist)
Talk: Hirotaka Kino, Masaaki Niwa (Music critic)
Narration: Eri Kogure (curator)

The 267th Promenade Concert, "Hirotaka Kino Tenor Recital - A Collection of Two Great Songs by Sadao Betsumiya, a composer from Setagaya," was held on Sunday, December 19, 2021, at the Setagaya Art Museum.

The concert featured two Japanese song cycles by Sadao Betsumiya, a composer once lived in Setagaya, "Tansai-sho" and "Chieko-sho (revised new edition)".
Sadao Betsumiya wrote before his death that he regretted that "Chieko Sho (revised edition)" in particular had never been performed by a tenor.
It is a coincidence that we are able to have a tenor performance of this piece at our museum in 2022, the 100th anniversary of Sadao Betsumiya's birth and the 10th anniversary of his death. We hope you will enjoy listening to this powerful yet delicate performance.

For those who applied and those who were not able to hear the performance, we would like to present a part of the performance and a talk by Mr. Kino and Mr. Niwa.

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267th Promenade Concert Hirotaka Kino Tenor Recital - Two major song cycles by Sadao Betsumiya, a composer associated with Setagaya.

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Author: E.K

2022.03.02 - 02:00 PM