Request to Visitors

We would appreciate your kind cooperation and understanding for our prevention measures against COVID-19.

Request to Visitors
⚫ Entry will be limited only to those who are making use of the museum.
⚫ Request to Those Entering the Museum
*Please wear a mask when entering the museum.

*Before entering the building, please allow us to take your temperature. Those who are determined to have a fever will be asked to refrain from entering the museum.

Please use disinfectant or soap to wash your hands. (All of the museum’s restrooms are equipped with medicated soap, and disinfectants can be found in various places throughout the building.)

Please maintain an appropriate distance from other visitors in the galleries and elsewhere in the museum.

Please also maintain an appropriate distance from other visitors when sitting on the sofas.

Please refrain from talking in the galleries.

Please avoid touching the walls and display cases in the galleries.

No reservation is required for the exhibition of Museum Collection.

To avoid congestion in the galleries, it will be necessary to limit the number of visitors. The number of people allowed to enter the library, shop, and other areas of the museum will also be limited. We would like to kindly ask for your understanding.

♦ To greatly suppress the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken the following measures:

*Disinfectants have been placed in the entrance hall and other places around the museum, and all of the restrooms have been equipped with medicated soap to ensure visitors’ safety and improve hygiene control.

*Places such as the handrails, sofas, lavatories, and elevators, which are touched by a large number of visitors, have been strongly disinfected.

*The museum staff will provide guidance while wearing a mask.

*To prevent against droplet infection, partitions have been erected in the museum shop and other places, where the staff comes into direct contact with visitors.

*To avoid congestion in the galleries, only a fixed number of visitors will be allowed to enter at one time.

⚫ We would like to kindly ask that those with the following conditions refrain from entering the museum:

1. Visitors with a fever, cold or symptoms such as loss of taste or smell. (Note: Those who display cold-like symptoms, such as a violent cough, in the galleries may be asked to leave the museum.)

2. Visitors who may have come into contact with novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients either at home, in the workplace or at school, or with suspects that they themselves may be infected with the virus.

3. Visitors who are in poor physical condition.

4. Visitors who are not wearing a mask.

●Please refrain from visiting the museum with a group, for the time being.